Ali Alavi


Who am I

My name is Ali Alavi. I live and study in Zurich, Switzerland.

What I like

To hack around. I love to code, and to build cool stuff. Sometimes I like to build stuff from bare metal, and recently I've been throwing some ML in the mix. I like small, simple things that work well. Like a minimalistic web page, a small but well-documented library, or a simple yet brilliant algorithm:

  while (a != b):
    if a > b:
      a = a - b
    elif b > a:
      b = b - a

+ good wine, good food, good company.

What I've done

I've worked with some startups in Scandinavia, Canada and the Middle East, in the fields of embedded systems, wearables and web applications. I've also done some research, but I consider myself more of an engineer+hacker than an academic.

What's next

I would be writing on my thesis, and working on a startup idea I had for some time. At the same time, I'd love to get to know people with a passion in wearables, IoT, and tech in general. I'm also interested in part time opportunites as a software developer, embedded engineer, or lecturer.

[contact me]

Contant me if you have any cool project in mind and you think I can somehow contribute. Especially cool IoT, wearables or some fun coding projects.